June 19 — Be ready!

Eggplant Crypto • DEX
2 min readJun 13, 2021


It feels like every day we have more exciting announcements than the previous day.

Staking and farming are officially coming to Eggplant DEX in only a few short days!

June 19 to be specific!

You can expect the following Liquidity Pools and Staking options on launch day:

  • EGGPLANT-ESEED Liquidity Pool (farming)
  • EGGPLANT-BNB Liquidity Pool (farming)
  • EGGPLANT-BUSD Liquidity Pool (farming)
  • EGGPLANT Staking (automatic re-staking/compounding)

See a preview below of what to expect:

APR targets with our new $ESEED reward token will be at least 200% and up to 3,000% at launch. ESeed price stability will be targeted to help maintain high APR returns for investors. This should help align with the ESeed emission schedule as outlined in our previous post. Click here for more info.

More exciting news — In the near future we will be adding more farms and pools, as well as more tokens on the platform to be traded directly in the Swap. Yes, you read that correctly — other tokens will be listed on our DEX!

So what should you, as an Eggplant holder do now?

If you wish to receive $ESEED in our upcoming Airdrop, make sure to add to the current EGGPLANT-BNB Liquidity Pool on our DEX in order to be eligible. (Don’t wait too long as the snapshot will be taken soon! Click here for more info.

If you wish to participate in Liquidity Pools or Staking, make sure to have your EGGPLANT (and BNB, BUSD) ready on June 19 to join as soon as we go live! You can buy $ESEED on the DEX the same day as well.

We are excited for what is coming, fun times ahead!

If you have any questions, concerns and/or suggestions, feel free to get in touch via our Telegram chat: http://t.me/EggplantDEX



Eggplant Crypto • DEX

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